About CCTS

What We Do

Centre for Critical Technology Studies investigates the impact of technology on the development of individuals and societies. Our research projects diagnose the ongoing digital transformation taking into account its cognitive, psychosocial, political and cultural implications. We are interested in the limits within which this transformation could bring a positive change in the context of information overload and the ecological crisis.

How We Do It

We combine the achievements of the humanities and social sciences with reflection on technology with a view to developing multi-level approaches to computational technology and its industrial applications in the spirit of critical science.

The research traditions we follow include:

  • philosophy of technology, social philosophy, philosophical anthropology, Kritsche Theorie, with emphasis on political ecology and ecology of technology in digital environments;
  • cultural and media studies, art-based research, digital humanities, critical robotics, with emphasis on cultural codes, emotional and aesthetic alike, in technoculture.

Although we are focused on conducting advanced theoretical work, we also conduct experimental research and collaborate with designers, engineers, artists and communities. We focus on combining theory with practice, science with art and activism. We prefer realism to techno-utopia and catastrophic visions of the future.