What We Do

Our research elaborates a wide conceptual frame for the technological shift we are living through. The goal is to positively respond to the deficiencies of leading research trajectories in technology studies and the popular misconceptions about technology, in order to foster and promote critical thinking about a broader phenomenon: technicity.

We are especially interested in digital technologies and AI-based systems, the leading vectors of social, economic, and political change at the current stage of technological evolution.This requires a fresh reworking of conceptual frames that would allow for a better understanding of:

  • human and other-than-human technical beings and the prostheticity of human life on Earth,
  • the relation between the rhythms of technics and the rhythms of cultures, societies and the biosphere,
  • new technologies and the way these technologies have been intertwined with various contexts of contemporary life, including everyday life

The goal is a comprehensive approach to technology that, in its application, overcomes disciplinary divides in order to critically assess digital reality and its economic, social, geopolitical, environmental and cultural repercussions.